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Douala, 15 January 2015: The Network of Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa (REDHAC) is concerned about the deteriorating situation of human rights in the region of the Far North of Cameroon following the attacks of elements of the sect Boko Haram since February 2013.


While congratulating and encouraging the Cameroonian army for his bravery to outlaw the sect who sows terror in this part of Cameroon, The Network of Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa (REDHAC) notes, however, that this area is fallen prey to any kind of human rights violations with impunity by; firstly the sect Boko Haram kills everyone he meets on his way, destroyed and plundered all goods (food supplies, plantations, cattle ...) on the other hand, some leaders of the army which one of them is  Mr. ZE ONGUENE, Commander of the Legion of the Far North gendarmerie source worthy of his faith intimate items to use any kind of method to extract the information. For example, during the closures of MAGDEMA GUIDIVIG villages and its elements, several people were arrested and taken to the legion of gendarmerie of the Far North. Among those arrested, about fifty people was found dead suffocated in the cells of that legion and then buried in a mass grave in the bush according to reliable sources.


We also note many intimidations, acts of torture against people in order to extort information. Looting of property of these populations by elements of the army is also reported to REDHAC.



The Network of Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa (REDHAC) while congratulating the Cameroonian army.


-           Condemns in the strongest terms the human rights violations committed against the population by elements under the command of Commander ZE ONGUENE the Far North gendarmerie legion;


-           Remains concerned about acts of torture of people to extract information, this contradicts the regional and international instruments ratified by the Government of Cameroon against, abuse, torture, humiliation and degrading treatment;


-          Remains concerned about the looting of property of the people of this locality and recurring perpetrated by elements of the army, looting that put the entire population in a famine resulting mass exodus;


-          Recalls that the first mission of the Cameroonian army is to protect people who are already living the terror BOKO HARAM.


Also to the African Union, the REDHAC request:


-          To unite their efforts to fight effectively against BOKO HARAM;


-           Urging the Cameroonian government to provide the Cameroonian army with adequate means to prevent this sect to commit as is noted for condemning many human rights abuses on the people and defenders in this region;


-          Urging the Cameroonian government to work with civil society and all the forces for a synergistic action against BOKO HARAM;


To the Council of the UN's Human Rights (UN):


-          To support the efforts of civil society and other forces for the removal of Article 2 alinéa1 of Law No. 962 / LDPP / AN against terrorism, adopted by the National Assembly in December 2014, which states:


  "Is punishable by death, who, personally, in collusion or coercion, threat or commits any act likely to cause death, endanger the physical, cause personal injury or damage , natural resource damage, environmental or cultural heritage with intent:

a) to intimidate the population, cause in fear or coerce the victim, the government and / or a national or international organization to do or abstain from doing any act, to adopt or abandon at a particular position or to act according to certain principles;

b) To disrupt the normal functioning of public services, the provision of essential services to the public or to create a crisis within populations;

c) To create general insurrection in the country. ";


-          To request the Cameroonian government to challenge all the guilty in the military who commit serious crimes and abuses of human rights in the name of fighting against the sect Boko Haram and judge them according to the national and international conventions laws in matter of war crimes.

For all urgent actions:

REDHAC : phone : (+237) 2 33 42 64 04/ (+237) 6 93 54 83 66


Other contacts:


M. Paul Biya, President of the Republic, Presidency of the Republic, Unity Palace:1 000 Yaoundé Cameroon /Fax (+ 237) 222 22 08 70

Prime Minister : M. Philémon YANG :Phone. : (+237) 222 23 92 54 / 222 23 57 60 / 222 2357 50 / 222 21 00 42/Fax: (+237) 222 23 57 65

 Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defence: M. Edgar A. MEBE NGO’O  Phone : (+ 237) 222 22 15 24/ Fax (+ 237) 222 23 59 71

Minister of State, Minister of Justice, Attorney: M. Laurent ESSOPhone. : (+237) 222 23 55 56/Fax : (+237) 222 23 55 59

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