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we defend




Greetings partners!

Take part in our online social media campaign ‪#‎Wedefend‬ campaign to support African human rights defenders in the continent.

#Wedefend campaign aims at supporting the work and enabling environment for HRDs by sharing slogan and/or photos bearing #Wedefend followed by slogans such as:

#Wedefend the freedom of expression and association

#Wedefend those who promote legal protection for HRDs;

#Wedefend those who speak up on freedoms of assembly, association, expression and opinion; #Wedefend the right to access funding from international bodies;

#Wedefend the right to an effective remedy to be protected; we defend the safe working environment for HRDs in Africa;

#Wedefend those who speak up on all forms of discrimination; we defend those who speak out on corruption and impunity;

#Wedefend those who speak up on transparent management of natural resources

The more people who know about the #Wedefend campaign, the easier it will be to create awareness for human rights defenders. Communications maybe made in preferred languages.

Let everyone know that you’re part of the

#Wedefend campaign!


» Dernières nouvelles
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