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Urgent Appeals

Douala, August 30th 2013 : The Network of Central African Human Rights defenders (REDHAC) have been informed of the condemnation of four students, arrested and incarcerated a few months ago following endless violent stike actions which lead to importants damages to property at the University of Buea in Suth Western Cameroon.

The Network of Central African human Rights Defenders recalls its press relase of May 23rd 2013, when the University of Buea students’ were denuncing the fact that « The head of State exports Cameroonian taxpayers money to feed his bank accounts opened in Switzerland and France, trying to distract the public opinion while students remain in a very poor living conditions »

Nevertheless, noone ignores the lack of equipment in Cameroonian schools and Universities.

On August 29th 2013 four students have been condemned by the court of first instance of Buea :

M. Sigala Tita Remy Co-President of the University of Buea students union (UBSU) is the most heavily sentenced with one year of imprisonment and a fine of CFAF 50 millions

M. Banbela N. Obase Financial secretary of UBSU, M. Mundi Herman andM. Ehabe Alfred Nname have been sentenced nine month of deferred sentence of imprisonment and a fine of CFA 500 000 .

On the other hand, 12 others UBSU members have been more fortunate, thay have been acquitted by the court, following a hearing that took several hours and was close door for security reasons.

Credible sources report that the verdict of « destroyment of goods and properties belonging to the University of Buea of a total cost of CFAF 800 millions » have been read by the juge Beatrice ntuba

  However, the UBSU’s attorney said that he will appeal the verdict, while the University of Buea Student’s Union gets indignant against the decision, claiming the innocence of their members and questionning the fairness of the trial.

30 other students are awaiting trial and will be fixed this week.

In a press release following the sentence of their members, the communication unit of UBSU have announced that the union will not remain crossed arms, therefore inviting their members and sympathizers to be prepared « Because the Universty of Buea’s administration have deceided to follow it repressive strategy, we declare the war to the University of Buea…peace will be unknown in the University of Buea…the reactions will be spontaneous and will be transmitted generations after generations …».


The network of Central African Human Rights Defenders(REDHAC) :

- Recall to Cameroonian government that according to section 25 of the African charter of Human and Peoples Rights : « The parties State to the charter have the duty to promote and ensure, through teaching, education and diffusion, the respect of rights and freedoms enshrined in the charter and to take appropriate measures so that the measures are understood so as correspondent obligations and duties; »

- To take all necessary measures to ensure physical and psychological safety for those students.


- Call for the immediate release of the students;

- Firmly denunce all methods aiming at intimidating the students;

- Firmly condemn this decision released by the Buea court of first instance.

To the African Commission for Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR) and the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC):

- To demand the Cameroonian government the respect and application of treaties convention nd other Human Rights instruments ratified

- To call the Cameroonian government to conform to the Universal declaration of Human Rights, the dispositions relating to agreements, treaties and other international instruments like the Declaration on Human Rights defenders of Grand Baie and Kigali.

For urgent actions please contact :

Prime Minister : Philémon YANG : 

                                                            Tél. : (+237) 22 23 92 54 / 22 23 57 60 / 22 23 57 50 / 22 21 00 42

                                                            Fax : (+237) 22 23 57 65

Defense Minister : Edgar Alain MEBE NGO’O  

                                                            Tél. : + 237 22 22 15 24.

                                                            Fax + 237 22 23 59 71

Vice-prime Minister, Minister of Justice, Lord Chancellor : Laurent ESSO

                                                           Tél. : (+237) 22 23 55 56

                                                           Fax : (+237) 22 23 55 59

General secretary of the presidency of the Republic : Ferdinand NGOH NGOH

                                                           Tél. (+237) 22 20 04 55.

                                                           Fax : (+237) 22 22 08 70

Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization: SADI René Emmanuel

                                                         Tél. : (+237) 22 23 10 56

                                                         Fax : (+237) 22 22 63 32

Genral Delegate to National Security: Martin MBARGA NGUELE

                                                         Tél. : (+237) 22 20 30 93 / 22 20 22 80

                                                          Fax : (+237) 22 21 00 69

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