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Human Rights Committee 100th session (11-29 October 2010) ,

Consideration of State Reports

Concluding Observations

The Human Rights Committee reviewed the implementation of the ICCPR in and adopted Concluding Observations on:

Within one year these States should provide the Committee with information on the measures taken to implement selected Concluding Observations (the issues selected for the follow-up procedure are listed in the penultimate paragraph of the Concluding Observations).
Recordings of the review of all these States will shortly be available on the CCPR website!

Lists of Issues

During the 100th Session the Committee adopted List of Issues on:

The Lists of Issues will be available soon.

Other Work

Draft General Comment on Article 19

The Committee finished the first reading of draft General Comment 34 on Article 19 (Freedom of opinion and expression). The draft will be revised for a second reading next year.

Follow-up to the Concluding Observations

A list of the States currently engaged in the Committee's Follow-up procedure can be found here.
The Progress Report of the Special Rapporteur on Follow up to the Concluding Observations from the 100th Session will shortly be available.

Next Session: The 101st Session will take place at the UN Headquaters in New York, March 2011

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